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Used and New Sails at Low Prices!!
(Please note: All sails on this page sold "As Is".)


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Here some consignment sails we are offering at reduced prices sold as is:

10 year old Ullman mainsail from 28R Corsair. Tape drive silver.

luft 35.8, leach 37, foot 12.1 area 321 sq feet.

Condition: fair, 2 reefs, 7 full batten pockets, including battens.

Square top, never raced, price: $500.00

You can pick up or pay for shipping.

Ron Barry 248 356 8946.

Etincelle 60 main Triradial cut in Hydra Net. Three reefs, 6 full batten pockets,
Made by Ullman Sails in 2012.
Luff = 66'2" Leech = 66'8" Foot = 20'3" Area 1000 sq. ft.
Condition Good. Price, $19,000.00

Etincelle 60 self tacking furling jib Triradial cut Hydra Net with 4 vertical battens, UV strip, luff for reefing,
Luff = 60' Leech = 54' Foot = 16' Area 433 sq. ft.
Good condition $6,000.00

Marquises 56 catamaran mainsail
Photo below in comments
Luff = 62'8" Leech = 66' Foot = 27'6" Area 1,150 sq. ft.
New in Challenge high modulus 10.88 oz. dacron with wide 2 ply leech. Three reefs, 6 full batten pockets with webbing full length both sides for chaff protection, off shore construction, tell tails and sail bag.

Condition, New but,Some smoke stains. List price, $12,550,00 sell for $8,000.00