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Instructions for returning sails for repairs or modifications

Please ship in a proper box not a colored product box if you use box that you have for a past product please cover all references to boxes former contents.

Mark box Attn Ric Arra sail repair or return in legible large print.

Please Include on box in a sealed packing slip envelope or in the box  a letter in an envelope what you would like us to do with sail.  Also all pertinent info ie return address and phone number with email address if applicable

Please provide a tracking number send email to including when you shipped,how you shipped and a brief description of reason why you are shipping sail to us. Our repair rate is 85.00 per hour plus materials

Please ship sail to

Calvert Sails c/o Sail Technologies

1354 20 street N

St Petersburg Fl


Please note if these instructions are not followed we will not be responsible for any loss or delays in your repair


We value your business and will do all we can to expedite your sail but be advised our usual turnaround is 2 weeks but can vary depending on repair que.