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Big Win 2014 for Calvert Sails at Cherry Pie Regatta Sarasota Florida

2014 Miami to Key Largo Race

Congratulations for Victor Mendelsohn on Cat Nip for winning the MASF multihull division. Also, congratulations to Larry Geller, on Third Tri for winning the Corsair class. Cat Nip used all Calvert Sails and Third Tri, partial Calvert Sails.

Big Win 2014 for Calvert Sails

This years Corsair Nationals was held on the island of Put in Bay, Lake Erie, Ohio.
I had heard of Put in Bay for years from good friend Rick White, a regular summer resident of the island.

Finally, we would get to experience this "Key West of the North" as it was sometimes referred to.
My wife, Trish and I flew into Buffalo, NY, from the Bahamas to meet up with F28R owner Tom Reese. The plan was to drive with Tom, from Youngstown, NY to Port Clinton, OH, along with Texas crew Robert Reemers.
We arrived at Port Clinton, with Flight Simulator in tow, in time to rig the boat and attend the skippers meeting with wine and cigar party.
It was great seeing old Corsair sailor friends at the Port Clinton Yacht Club.

Thursday, race day 1, started out with a long distance race from a start line north of the Port Clinton Yacht Club to a finish off the Put in Bay Yacht Club.
The fleet of 23 Multihulls was divided into three classes, smaller boats 22 to 27 ft, the F27 class, and larger boats 28 ft and over.
We envied the largest class of 9 Corsair F27s. There were only 3 Corsair 28s, two 28Rs, and one Corsair 28. Seems like the days of a large class of one design Corsair 28Rs are over. The rest of our class 3 was made up of 1 Corsair 31' the new Corsair 970 Cruze, a Reynolds 33 catamaran and a Newick Native trimaran.
Class 1 was the mixture of a F25C, F22, Multi 23 trimaran, two Corsair Sprint 750 MK2, one Corsair 24 MK1 and one Corsair 24 MK2.
Race one was made up of a short one mile upwind leg than, some long spinnaker reaches around Put in Bay island to the upwind finish off Put in Bay Yacht Club.
Small boats in class 1 started first with a rolling start for the other two classes five minutes apart. Light air In the 5 to 8 kt range was the order of day one as well as the days to follow. We had good close racing with Bob Gleason and crew on the 32 ft Cruze, Tri Me. Bob also had veteran Corsair racers, Ira Heller and Phil Styne on board. We rounded the windward mark close together and traded leads throughout the race. Before the finish, we were able to overtake all the other boats from the first two starts except the F25C, Panic Button.
Ryan and Todd Howe's F25C, Panic Button was far out in the lead, increasing their distance ahead of the fleet.
Our goal was to try to finish well enough to come out ahead on the corrected times. This was very close with Panic Button but, at the finish of this long distance race we had a slight corrected time advantage.
Day 2 started out with some breeze in the 5 to 8kt range. Windward/Leeward courses were set up with 1 mile legs twice around. Once again, the starts were rolling with consecutive starts 5 minutes apart for the three classes.
Three races were completed in the light breezes. At the end of day two, Ryan and Todd Howe on Panic Button was leading class 1 with 4 straight wins, with Don Wigston, on Blew Bayou, in second and David Saint's Fringe Element in third. Class 2 had in first, John Collins, on Curb Service, in second, John Achim, on Tri n Catch Me, and in third, after some very competitive racing, was Peter Vakhutinsky on Tritium. In class 3 Tom Reese's Flight Simulator also had 4 straight wins with some close racing between Jim Frederick's, Big Storm, in second and Bob Gleason's Tri Me, in third.
In the overall fleet standing, after two days and four races, Flight Similar had a slight led over Panic Button with Blew Bayou in third.
The evening regatta parties were great! Daily awards were given out, dinners and unlimited beer, as well as some very good live music, kept the crowd around well into the night.
Day thee racing started out with more breeze than the two previous days. Conditions looked iffy when sailing out to the starting area as dark clouds were covering the sky to the Northwest. We hoped this would pass us by. Race committee started the classes on time. In our class 3 start, we also started on time with a good position as the start gun was fired. Than, a second horn, (maybe someone was over early?) than a third horn, (a general recall?)
The committee boat than announced, "Race has been abandoned, sail back to port!" The dark clouds to the Northwest were closing in fast, the breeze backed and increased. The fleet began the fast sail in the new breeze, back to the Yacht Club docks. On our starboard side was the new Corsair Cruze 970 under full sail blasting by with spray flying off the bows. Finally, she gets to show her stuff! This new Corsair in a beautiful combination of comfortable cruising accommodations and racing performance. Defiantly the queen of the fleet!
We arrived at our dock with just enough time to secure the dock lines before the first of the rain hit. Around 1:00 PM the announcement was made, "No racing for the day" good call, the rest of the afternoon was clouds and rain.
Fortunately, by race party time that evening, the rain cleared and another great night of food, drinks, and dancing was had.
Day 4 started with the now typical light breeze that we were getting accustomed to.
This was Sunday, the final day of racing and the sailing instructions stated that no warning signals would be made after 11:30 AM. This was to allow time for the final awards and packing up for departures. By the first start, the winds had dropped to under 5 kt. Later in the first race the breeze shifted allowing most of the boats, starting later, to finish on a spinnaker reach.
All boats finished in time for a second start around 11:00 AM. This race proved to be painful as the breeze all but stopped before the finish. We, on Flight Simulator, held close behind Tri Me with the spinnaker sheet light enough to hold with two fingers!
Back at the Yacht Club, we enjoyed more beer and the final award presentations.
The results for the three classes are listed below.
The overall fleet positions were 1} Flight Simulator, 2} Panic Button, and 3} Blew Bayou.
This year's Corsair Nations was a well run, very fun event. Please! Corsair owners, plan to attend next year's Nationals. These boats are a blast to race but, we need to help grow the fleet. Let's work together to get the large number of competitors like the years past. I look forward to attending next year's event wherever it will be held.
A BIG thanks to all the sponsors this year. This is what helps to make the regattas happen.
Also, another BIG thanks to race organizers Deb Schaefer and Jim Fredericks as well as ".......... The 2014 sponsors include Corsair Marine, Put in Bay yacht Club, North Sails, Inter-Lake Yachting Association and DIAB.
Sail fast!
Dave Calvert

2014 Corsair National Championship, Rendezvous And Offshore Multihull
Preliminary Cumulative Results
Select to view a specific Class results:
Sail Number Yacht Name Yacht Design Owner/Skipper Race
1 Race
2 Race
3 Race
4 Race
5 Race
6 Total
National Championship Racing
GLMRA Division
Smaller (<27 ft.)
1. USA 12 Panic Button Farrier F25c Todd Howe 1 1 1 1 2 1 7.0
2. USA 152 Blew Bayou Corsair Sprint 750 Mk II Don Wigston 2 2 2 2 1 2 11.0
3. USA 131 Fringe Element Corsair Sprint 750 MK II David Saint 3 3 3 3 4 6 22.0
4. CAN 29 Raise a Little Hull F-22 Jim MacKenzie 5 4 4 4 3 3 23.0
5. USA 281 Synergy F-24 MK II Thomas Frederick 6 5 5 6 5 5 32.0
6. USA 8 Slingshot Multi 23 Mike Garam 4 7 6 5 7 4 33.0
7. USA 001 Shall We Dance? Corsair 24 MKI Robert Kansa 7 6 7 7 6 7 40.0

Corsair 27
1. USA 116 Curb Service Corsair F-27F John Collins 1 1 3 1 3 2 11.0
2. USA 118 Tritium F 27 Peter Vakhutinsky 3 2 4 2 1 1 13.0
3. USA 50336 TRI n Catch Me F 27 John Achim 2 3 1 3 4 3 16.0
4. USA 111 Catch-UP F 27 Floris van Laar 4 4 2 5 2 4 21.0
5. CAN 51499 Three Cheers Corsair F27 Chris Ufton 7 6.5 5 4 5 5 32.5
6. USA 22 Shearwater F27 David Dawson 5 6.5 7 10/DNF 6 6 40.5
7. USA 123 Minnows F-27 Stanley Hall 6 5 8 10/DNC 10/DNC 10/DNC 49.0
8. CAN 128 Triple Time Corsair F27 Jeremy MacLaverty 8 10/DNF 6 6 10/DNC 10/DNC 50.0
9. CAN 279 Justtright 2 Corsair F27 Harold Hynscht 10/DNC 8 10/DNC 10/DNC 10/DNC 10/DNC 58.0

Bigger (>27 ft.)
1. USA 64 Flight Simulator Corsair 28R Tom Reese 1 1 1 1 1 1 6.0
2. USA 70 Big Storm Corsair F-28 Trimaran James Frederick 2 2 2.5 3 4 4 17.5
3. USA 8 Tri Me Corsair Cruz 970 Robert Gleason 3 3 5 2 2 3 18.0
4. USA 51589 Rumline Corsair 28R Kevin Grice 4 4 2.5 7 3 6 26.5
5. USA 27014 Myira Multi-hull Harold Alber 6 5 4 5 5 2 27.0
6. USA 22824 Alacrity Newick Native Tri Brian Thorpe 5 6 6 4 7 7 35.0
7. CAT 13 Double TIme Reynolds 33 Martin Foster 7 7 7 6 6 5 38.0

2013 Great Lakes Multihull Championships, Bay City Michigan

Class 1

First place, Tom Reese on Flight Sulator, with a full inventory of Calvert Sails.

Class 2

First Place Ryan and Todd Howe on Panic Button with their new Calvert screacher

2013 Hobie Wave North Coast Championships

North Coast Wave Championships, help in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, had 26 boats
this year. In 12 races Rick White won by 20 points and another Calvert Sails owner Jim Hildebrandt, tied for second, breaking the tie he was third. So, two
Calvert sails in the top three for the largest Wave Regatta so far this year.
See the Headline store and links at

Calvert Sails Spring and Summer Sail Cover special

For a limited time, Calvert Sails will be offering the Lazy Cradle sail covers at a special price of $55.00 a ft.

These covers are strongly built in choice of sunbrella colors. Included are;

Heavy duty construction with extra layers of dacron inside, front and back, for chaff resistance.

Slits in the bottom for reef lines

Mesh areas in bottom as water drains

Heavy duty #10 zipper along the top covered from the sun

Round battens with caps on each side along the top (shipped in 6 ft sections and connectors for UPS)

Lazy jack system with Marlow line and blocks included.

Special prices on other styles of sail covers as well. Ask for custom quotes.

New location for Calvert Sails, the multihull specialist.

Calvert Sailmakers LLC has moved to share offices with Doyle Ploch Sails in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Calvert Sails will remain an independent sailmaker and not a branch of the Doyle Sails group but, will have the use of this modern sailmaking facility for additional American made sails.

In addition to the large Doyle Ploch sail loft, this building complex houses JSI. JSI is a one stop store for canvas, cushions, rigging, spars, clothing and hardware.

So, when ordering custom designed multihull sails, Calvert Sails can offer some very attractive package options for any other sailing and boating accessories.

Calvert Sails will also continue to work closely with Sail Technologies of St. Petersburg for the state-of-the-art Load Path sails. These custom built load path sails have shown excellent durability, often lasting far longer than competitor's membrane products.

In addition to this these fine US manufacturing facilities, Calvert designed sails can be made overseas to offer very competitive pricing.

For the best in race winning multihull sails and all nautical accessories, contact Dave Calvert or Ric Arra

Calvert Sails off to a great start for 2012 racing!

2012 Great Lakes Multihull Championships.

Calvert Sails were on most of the top placing boats

Fleet 1

1st place "Flight Simulator" skipper Tom Reese

Fleet 2

3rd place "Triceratops" skipper Jon Alvord

Fleet 3

1st place "Ollie" Skipper Tim Walli

Flight Simulator, with all Calvert Sails, ties for first place on the 1st overall.

2012 Youngstown Levels Regatta

Congratulations to Tom Reese on Flight Simulator for winning the multihull division of the 2012 Youngstown Levels Regatta. Also, congratulations to Richard Stevens, last year's winner, for third place. Both Boats have full sets of Calvert Sails.

2012 Chicago to Mackinac Regatta

Congratulations to Jon Alvord on his Corsair 31 for winning the competitive 2012 Chicago to Mackinac Regatta using Calvert Load Path sails built in the St. Petersburg loft.

2012 Corsair Nationals Calvert Sails were on 8 of the 12 boats winning trophies in the four different classes

This includes the winners of the open class, the F 27 class, and the 750 class of Sprints and Dashs.

Calvert sails were used on the top three boats in the F 27 class, the 750 class winner, the first and third in the open class and the second and third in the F 31 class.

John Achem used a 12 year old Calvert mainsail to win the competitive 12 boat F 27 fleet.

This is value, when you can win the National Championships with a 12 year old sail!

Below are the results for the top three in each class.

750 class


1 Tri Me Robert Gleason 52 7.0 1 1 1 1 1 2

2 Speedster Marsh / Styne 119 14.0 3 3 2 2 3 1

3 Kiwi Don Wigston 35 15.0 2 2 3 3 2 3

Corsair F 27 class


1 Tri n Catch Me John Achim 50336 14.0 1 1 1 2 4 5%

2 Catch-Up Floris van Laar 111 20.0 5 6 3 1 1 4

3 White Heat Richard Bluestein 421 21.0 2 4 2 4 7 2

Corsair 31 class


1 Temple of the Wind Douglas Dykman 27042 9.0 2 2 2 1 1 1

2 Flying Circus Robert Blesse 131 12.0 1 1 1 4 3 2

3 Trinity David Way M239 17.0 4 3 3 2 2 3

Modern Sailcloth, sail construction, and sail design.

By Dave Calvert, Calvert Sailmakers LLC

The new generation of sails and sail cloth has come a long way sense I contributed a chapter in Rick White's well received book, "Catamaran Racing for the 90s" Sail technology continues to make leaps forward with soft wing like sails to the amazing rigid wings of the foiling American Cup boats. Read Daves latest article on Facebook HERE

Big Win for Calvert Sails Again 2015 Corsair Nationals

Read Daves account here 2015 Corsair nationals

Big Win for Calvert Sails Again 2015 Corsair Nationals

Read Daves account here 2015 Corsair nationals