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Sail Measurements & Price Estimates - Mainsails

For a free estimate on a mainsail, please complete this form and we'll prepare one promptly and either email it or call you personally, your choice. If you have questions, please call us at 305.664.8056.

One-Design Sails - Dimension details are not necessary for standard configurations.

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Maximum Luff - Hoist a tape measure on your main halyard till its stops (to the sheave). Then measure straight down to top of boom and record this measurement. Please do not allow for stretch, we'll do that.

Leech - Allow clearance over biminis, boom gallows, or other obstructions. With the halyard at max hoist and the boom set a height that clears obstructions, measure to the top of the boom with the outhaul mechanism in the furthest aft setting.

Maximum Foot - Maximum foot length is measured from the aft face of the mast to the tightest/ longest outhaul setting. If the boom has a black measurement band, measure to the inside (mast side) of the band and record "band".

Backstay - Aft face of mast to backstay. Horizontal measurement at boom level. This measurement helps us select the optimum roach for your sail.


Boom Details

A - Aft face of mast to bearing point of tack fitting.
B - Top of boom to bearing point of tack fitting.
C - Aft face of mast to bearing point of reef hook.
D - Aft face of mast to end of groove or track.
E - Top of luff groove or track to top of boom.
F - Rear of mast to outboard bearing surface of reefing block or padeye.

Outhaul Car Details

X - If there is an outhaul car, measure from bearing point of the pin on outhaul car to the top of the boom.

Y - If outhaul car on separate track: Place car in farthest aft position and measure forward to aft end of sail track/ groove.

Z - Width of shackle jaw or clew attachment mechanism.

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If you have questions, please call us at 305.664.8056.

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