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Sail Measurements & Price Estimates - Genoas & Jibs

For a free estimate on genoa or jib, please complete this form and we'll prepare one promptly and either email it or call you personally, your choice. If you have questions, please call us at 305.664.8056.

One-Design Sails - Dimension details are not necessary for standard configurations.

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Hoisted Measurements

With tape rule hoisted on the jib halyard, (all the way, please do not try to account for stretch, we will do that) measure:

A - To the feeder (if any)

B - To the bearing surface

C- To intersection of headstay and deck

D - To cabin house at mast

E - To hull to deck joint

F - Pass tape around shrouds as if it was the leech of the sail, then measure to the forward end of the track. Pull tight.

G - To the aft end of track




Measurements on Deck

Headstay - Aft
Centerline - Out
H - To the fwd edge of track  
K - To the shroud base
I - To the aft edge of track  
L - To the fwd edge of track
J - To the leading edge of mast  
M - To the aft end of track

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Options & Extras


Sail Numbers

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If you have questions, please call us at 305.664.8056.

Boat & Contact Information

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