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Beach Cat Sails


Using the best in High Modulus dacrons, with a choice of finishes, these dacron represent the best in durability and price economy. This would be best choice for recreational sailing and for rental boat fleets where price and long life are the prime concerns

Load Path

Once the full size sail “skin” is assembled, continuous fibers of choice and hand laminated in a load mapping of the sail.

These sails begin with a choice of “base” material than, the panels are assembled in crosscut for optimum draft placement.

This offers the best in fiber alignment to address the various loads a sail experiences in the most extreme conditions.

Our Load Path Sails are the best in weight and performance.

We are also able to use colored tape carriers to design a wide range of colors and color patterns. Finally, high performance sails can be built in custom colors without sacrifices in strength and performance!

Triradial cut sails in Polyester mylar, Pentex, and Kevlar;

With triradial cuts and high modulus laminates, the design shapes can be locked in for a wide range of conditions. These show the performance advantages as the winds build and other materials begin to stretch, moving the draft aft and increasing the depth of the 3D shape.

Let us know what sailing you have in mind and we will help choose the best material for the budget.